About us

Here at RnD Center "Akademia" we develop and manufacture new products for various fields (from Construction to Military). 

We started in 1990s being one of the pioneers in Russia to develop the prototype supercar concept named "Extremist".

Since then we implemented more than 20 projects based on innovative products.

Under the name of "Akademia" gunfighters.ru we created more than 50 fully innovative products for firearms modernization. Those are developed by Russian engineers and manufactured in Russian production facilities. We work on the firearms market since 2012 and our client list is our best recommendation: http://www.gunfighters.ru/clients

We work on the projects of any complexity based of long standing experience and dozens of successful projects.

Our clients are private and state customers in different countries (Russia, USA, Kazakhstan etc.). We offer all kinds of R&D and also finished products made by us.