Manufacturer: AKademia.

Brief description:Bracket for top mounting of sights.





The bracket “Viper” with the integrated back-sight, designed for the the Kalashnikov rifles, serves for mounting the sights on the Picatinny rail with adjustable tilt angle.



  • Mounting of sights;
  • Faster sighting;
  • Sighting with the integrated back-sight.



  • The possibility to use the front sight is preserved;
  • The possibility to adjust the tilt angle of the rail with the adjusting screw;
  • Easy mounting/dismounting;
  • High-strength aluminium alloy D16T;
  • Protective coating;
  • Low weight;
  • Reliable seating and no play at loading;
  • 11 Picatinny steps.



  • Kalashnikov rifles.


Dimensions: 146х21х15 mm.

Weight: 0.046 kg.


1. Remove the regular back sight.

2. Remove the spring of the back sight.

3. Remove the receiver cover, the gas tube, and the bolt carrier.

4. Mount the bracket so that the lower bulge on the bracket was in line with the edge of the back sight bed on the side of the receiver cover, place the nut on the inside, and tighten with the bolt

5. Assemble the gun

Rail “Viper”