Manufacturer: AKademia.

Brief description: Receiver cover.





The receiver cover “Bastion” with the integrated back sight is designed for the Kalashnikov rifles and serves for mounting the sights on the Picatinny rail.



  • The cover is designed to increase tactical flexibility and effectiveness of the weapons;
  • Mounting on the standard Picatinny base of a wide range of sights: telescopic sights, collimators, magnifiers, night vision devices.



  • Easy mounting/dismounting;
  • High-tensile steel and high-strength aluminium alloy D16T;
  • Protective coating;
  • Small extra weight;
  • Maintaining vertical dimensions of weapons;
  • Increased structure stiffness and reliability of the connection;
  • Integrated emergency mechanical back-sight.
  • 16 Picatinny steps.



  • Kalashnikov rifles;
  • RPK machine guns;
  • Pneumatic rifles Junker and Recruit;
  • Airsoft copies of military weapons.


Dimensions: 265х37х45 mm.

Weight: 0.237 kg.


  • Remove the regular back sight.
  • With a pressure plate in place, insert the cover in the back-sight slots until click.
  • Fix the rail with a pin.

Cover “Bastion”