Manufacturer: AKademia.

Brief description: Tactical flash absorber.





The flash absorber “T'ma” with the right thread 24/1.5 is designed to eliminate a gun flash, dissipate a bang, and reduce a recoil kick. Used for camouflage purposes.



  • Elimination of a gun flash;
  • Reduction of a recoil kick;
  • Dissipation of a bang;
  • Camouflage of a shooter.



  • Shows the best results on calibre 7.62 guns, however, can also be used with 5.45;
  • Eliminates disclosure of night vision devices;
  • High-strength aluminium alloy D16T and steel 45HGSA;
  • Protective coating.



  • Thread - right 24/1.5;
  • Kalashnikov rifle of 74 and 100 series;
  • ACS and AKSU;
  • Saiga MK and M3;
  • Vepr 136.


Note: Mounting on Saiga MK-03 is only possible if the muzzle end does not extend beyond the front of the threaded sleeve that is in line with the front sight bed.


Dimensions: 120х36х36 mm.

Weight: 0.201 kg.


  • Screw the flash absorber on the barrel
  • Fix with a clamp.

Flash absorber “Darkness”