Manufacturer: AKademia.

Brief description: Magazine tube extension by two cartridges.

Code: RH11XAC24Y




The magazine tube extension “Gambit-MP” is designed to replace the regular magazine plug, allows increasing the magazine capacity by 2 cartridges for the 12 calibre rifles MP-135,153,155.



  • Increase of the magazine tube capacity by two cartridges;



  • The kit includes tube, adapter coupling, cap, washer, and spring;
  • Fast mounting;
  • Low weight;
  • High-strength aluminium alloy D16T;
  • Polymer coating, resistant to chipping and low/high temperatures.
  • Compatibility: MP-135, MP-153, MP-155.


Dimensions: 450х37х37 mm.


Weight: 0.108 kg.



  • Mount the magazine tube extension using the adapter coupling.
  • Place the spring.
  • Screw the cap.




Magazine extension “Gambit-MP”