Manufacturer: AKademia.

Brief description: Magazine release device.





The lever to operate the magazine release device “Rezet mod.2” by the right hand thumb is mounted on AK and its rifled models without a side rail to replace the regular axis of the cocking mechanism and makes the recharge process much faster.



  • Retaining and fast release of a magazine from a gun.



  • Ergonomical location of the magazine release button for pushing by a thumb;
  • Two-lever system;
  • Steel 08kp GOST 16523-97;
  • Protective coating.


Compatibility: AK systems with a side rail.


Dimensions: 82х50х45 mm.


Weight: 0.041 kg.



  1. Partially disassemble a gun.
  2. Raise the spring and dismantle the trigger axis.
  3. Holding the spring, dismantle the axis of the cocking mechanism.
  4. Holding the magazine fixing lever, install the magazine release axis to the regular position of the axis of the cocking mechanism, then return the trigger axis to its regular position.
  5. Assemble the gun

Magazine release device “Reset” mod.2