Manufacturer: AKademia.

Brief description: Muzzle brake-compensator.





The muzzle brake-compensator “GK-03" is popular among IPSC shooters. This device significantly reduces recoil kick, stirring up and laterally, which significantly improves the accuracy and speed of shooting with 12-calibre bore rifles “Vepr”, “Saiga”, “Bekas”. Any cartridges of 12 calibre can be used.



  • Reduced recoil kick;
  • Reduced stirring up and laterally;
  • Faster shooting;
  • Increased accuracy at fire in ripples and series.



  • A more efficient reactive chamber compared to the muzzle brake-compensator “GK-02”;
  • Any cartridges of 12 calibre can be used.
  • High-strength aluminium alloy D16T;
  • Reduced weight;
  • Protective coating.



  • Thread - right 22/0.75;
  • 12-calibre bore rifles “Vepr”, “Saiga”, “Bekas”.
  • Can be also mounted on the outward-threaded barrels, for example, with a muzzle adapter for a brake-compensator.


Dimensions: 123х40х35 mm.

Weight: 0.234 kg.


1. Remove, is present, a muzzle brake-compensator, regular flash absorber or barrel thread cover.
2. By hand screw the lock-nut to the maximum distance from the barrel cut.
3. By hand screw the muzzle brake-compensator into the lock-nut until tight, turn it in the opposite direction to the point where its big holes are vertically up.
4. Tighten the nut with a spanner key, avoid turning the muzzle brake-compensator.
Caution: Do not overtighten to avoid damaging the thread. When tightening, hold the wrench as close as possible to the lock-nut.

Muzzle brake-compensator “GK-03”